About me

Επικοινωνείστε μαζί μου, εφόσον επιθυμείτε να αποκτήσετε ένα σχέδιό μου, στα πρότυπα των εικόνων που βλέπετε στο παρόν ιστολόγιο. Ειδικεύομαι σε προσωπογραφίες και αθλητικά στιγμιότυπα.

If you wish to have a drawing [picture or an athlete highlight] for your own use, please email me at: aNwDyNos@gmail.com

I was born in Aegaleo, Athens, Greece, on 28 July 1964. I've studied at the Dental School of Athens University and worked as a dentist for over 20 years. I have been a writer and comic artist on the side, and have already written two books concerning comics. I am the creator of 'Portiero Makis Roditis', a comic about the life of a footbal player for Ialysos F.C. in Rhodes. It was published in Greece by Nikolaos Zois and his Leopalaiontes ZN Editions in 2011.